Mick Jagger

Rescue Date

30th June 2013


He’s Got the Moves Like Jagger!

Mick Jagger, the rock icon defined by his cheeky boyish grin, mop of messy brown hair and his ‘Start Me Up’ voluptuous tongue, renowned for ecstatically taking on a life of its own, is not unlike our very own Mick Jagger.  Both share the wild fired tongue, devilish good looks and just love to puff out their chest and strut their stuff, except for one stark difference – our Mick Jagger is a goat!  And sadly for our Mick, his audience to date has been quite unkind to him. Not only has he lost the sight in his left eye due to a callous attack by louts armed with a stick, another incident saw the hapless Mick ‘Tumbling like a Dice’ as he was knocked to the ground, not by adoring fans but by brutish thugs who delighted in pulling his tail.  It comes then as no surprise that our Mick arrived as a Beast with quite a Burden in the form of some rather erratic tongue waging and foot stomping behaviour.  And you could clearly hear him bleating ‘Gimme Shelter’ as prayed for his tormentors to ‘Get Off Of My Cloud’.

But just over a week in now and Mick has most certainly mellowed.  At first confused by our kindness, he has now come to accept it as Mick realises he no longer needs to live his life as a ‘Street Fighting Man’.  And so what we see before us today is a goat coming to terms with his gentle side who can finally find much more ‘Satisfaction’ with his life. Yet his one shrivelled up eye brings more than a tear to our own as we ponder just why it is that many animals ‘Can’t always get what they want,’ when indeed they can – all it takes is a little kindness from us.