Mildred & Mavis

Rescue Date

28th February 2014


Images that will haunt us

Mavis and Mildred have seen more than any creature, human or otherwise, ever should. Singed wool and ash-laden fleece, along with the state of the land on which they had taken up temporary residence, were all tell-tale signs that these creatures had experienced firsthand the raging inferno which devastated our neighbourhood recently. After receiving the call from a wildlife carer out in the field, it required all hands on deck, with the entire Edgar’s Mission team heading out to the rugged, almost mountainous terrain to reign the bewildered and frightened duo in. Once safe in our care and after a medical assessment, an urgent plea to our kind hearted shearer was sent out and answer it he did, travelling the distance to our sanctuary to relieve Mavis and Mildred of the combined 17 kilograms worth of fleece that had clearly weighed them down for some time. And it is because of you, dear friend, that we at Edgar’s Mission are able to undertake such rescues and provide sanctuary for creatures in need. Because of you, our Rescue Van remains on the road, because of you our emergency cupboard remains stocked and because of you, providing essential care to rescued creatures in need occurs daily. And because of you, we, along with Mavis and Mildred, continue to believe in the kindness of the human heart.

Update on Mavis and Mildred.