Rescue Date

14th September 2013


Miles, the one who Smiles

Witnessing the mischievous smile that graces the face of this dear little lamb, one could hardly imagine his situation had once been so bleak. However, sadly Miles ‘the one who smiles’ has already known more hardship in his short life than any creature should. Orphaned, weak and in desperate need of a helping hand was the few day old Miles when a Good Samaritan took him into her home in an effort to save him.

Providing him with the nutrition, warmth and care he required, Miles’ condition soon improved only to encounter yet another obstacle. Joint/ Navel Ill is a condition in which bacteria enter though the umbilical cord, and cause heat, swelling and pain in an animal’s joints. It is often seen in orphaned lambs who, most likely, did not receive enough of their mother’s nutrient and antibody filled colostrum and whose umbilical cords were left susceptible to infection. If untreated, this condition causes immense pain and suffering and can ultimately be fatal.

Miles had already been nursed and treated through the worst of his condition upon arrival to our sanctuary, but an unexpected change in his carer’s circumstances meant she had to travel overseas immediately. Witnessing the sadness and distress as they parted ways at our sanctuary gates, it was evident that although he had lost his birth mother, Miles had known love in its purest form. And so, the task before us today is to ensure Miles’ world is filled with joy, freedom and all that a sheep desires for we are determined he will be Miles, ‘the one who smiles’ forevermore.