Miss Puddleduck

Rescue Date

12th October 2013


If Mother Goose knows best so too does Mother Duck as they are of the same family of birds- Anatidae (swans are also included). Yet so often baby ducklings are separated from their doting mothers and sold off in pet shops and markets across the country. Despite Mother Duck’s expert care in keeping her babies safe and teaching them important life lessons, baby ducklings all too often find themselves (as a result of human intervention) in dire straits as indeed was dear little Miss Puddle Duck recently. Found wandering the streets of a local neighbourhood a kind hearted soul could not have carried on their journey once they spied the fluffy duckling.

While they may not have been feathered wings we were able to open for Miss Puddle Duck our open arms came with an equal amount of tender care and mercy as we embraced the tiny ball of yellow fluff. And all due diligence will be shown to ensure Miss Puddle Duck learns the ducky ropes as she grows; supervised swimming lessons, external heat source when needed and a balanced diet as required. We humans are indeed fortunate to be able to share our world with the enchanting array of animals that we do, yet sadly it is a privilege we so often abuse. Bringing new life into the world then trivialising it as sentient beings like Miss Puddle Duck are treated as mere toys; played with for a little while then something shiny comes along and we move on. Animals truly are our greatest moral test, but for now the only testing we will be doing for dear Miss Puddle Duck will be the water in pool to ensure it is just the right temperature to keep her happy!