Rescue Date

14th November 2015


Sweet dreams are made of this…

Did little Mixie know the trailer in which she gingerly ping-ponged about was ferrying her to be butchered? Did she know that a little calf desperately needed a friend? Or did she simply dream a better world lay one leap of faith away? Whilst we do not know what thoughts danced around in the young heifer’s mind that fateful day, we do know that little Mixie’s brave decision changed her life forevermore and we here at Edgar’s Mission know more than most that dreams give us hope when things seem hopeless. One of our dreams we hold dear is for a kinder world for baby calves just like Mixie. One where they are not forcibly taken from their mothers shortly after birth, one where they are not legally trucked off to slaughter at just five days young so their mother’s milk can be harvested for human consumption and never reach the destination nature intended—the baby calf’s stomach. One where once killed, baby calves’ stomachs are not milled up to produce rennet that is used to make cheese for kindly unsuspecting humans who would never dream of being cruel to baby calves and their mothers.

Although the doe-eyed Mixie didn’t exactly land on her feet the day she leapt from the stockcrate, she did land a much grander prize, her freedom. Although she lay battered, bruised and was deeply missing her mother, more than sunshine found her as she lay terrified in a roadside ditch. Gently lifting Mixie into the back of her vehicle, the kind heart set about a chain of events that was to prove dreams really can come true. Tracking down the human who was responsible for Mixie, the Good Samaritan was told the wee calf was too much trouble and they did not want her back. With gashes on her legs, abrasions to her side and a swollen jaw, it didn’t take Mixie too long before she realised she was in a good place. But an even better place awaited, a place where even the hardest of hearts would be touched as the cheeky little Mixie reached out with her soft, wet nose to sniff her new buddy, Pixie.

Yes, we here at Edgar’s Mission do dream big, but after all isn’t that what dreams are for? We trust you too share our vision for a kinder world for all baby calves (and their gentle mothers). So let’s make their dreams (and ours) come true and not support cruel animal industries.