Rescue Date

8th June 2015


Monday, Monday

Starting our week off with some lamby cheer was little Monday.  Found stuck between a fence and a hard place was he.  But thankfully the universe had grander plans for Monday than him perishing cold, alone and hungry that day, because a little kindness came upon him in the form of a Good Samaritan.  Bundling up the tiny lamb, a chain reaction of good fortune was set in place.  After an overnight stay at his rescuer’s house it was off to the good folk at Bed and Broccoli for a wee sojourn.  From here, stellar Edgar’s Mission volunteer and all ‘round good gal, Ruth, picked up a travelling companion and the two were Edgar’s Mission bound.

While the cheeky monkey-faced little Monday is (for want of a better term) a little sheepish at the moment, we know it wont be too long before he is baaing, “I’m Monday, Monday, and I’m here to stay…”