Rescue Date

15th January 2008


Question: When does being small mean not being small enough?  And your penalty means your death?

Answer:  When you have been bred to be a miniature pony and it soon becomes apparent that you will not be quite miniature enough! That was the lot of dear little Monty Pony.

At just five months of age Monty’s breeders realised that Monty would grow too tall to meet the height requirements of the Miniature Pony breed so rather than take responsibility for the life that they were responsible for creating Monty’s breeders were going to send Monty to the knackery.  Sadly a fate endured by many animals that do not live up to the expectations of their breeders is to be killed.

Luckily for dear little Monty a kind hearted lady bravely intervened.  At great personal expense she persuaded (and it took much persuasion) the breeders to spare Monty’s life and allow her to rescue him.  He will now spend his days at Edgar’s Mission as our official tour guide and complimentary handbag searcher!

Come out and say hi to our little big horse!