Rescue Date

10th July 2006


That rabbits do not live as long as humans is something tragically known all too well by those who have had a bunny hop into their heart and home.  Dear Moppsy, along with her friend Floppsy, became the first rabbit residents of Edgar’s Mission on the 10th of July 2006.  Surrendered by their ‘owners’ who had tired of the fury wonders, Moppsy and Floppsy delighted us each day with peaceful antics.  Floppsy, the larger and albeit shyer of the two dwarf black rabbits, loved to play hide and seek in a huge hollow log we had found, while the feisty little Moppsy would inquisitively run up to you and sit on her haunches, front paws outstretched, to accept your offering.  Gentle to touch and precious to hold, our lives became richer for knowing them.  While dear Floppsy passed away some years ago, it is dearest Moppsy who has now hopped away with a piece of our heart.  Just a quietly as she came into our world she peacefully left, passing away in her sleep on the weekend.  Edgar’s heavenly farmyard is growing.  Travel sweetly my lovely, travel sweetly.

Sadly, rabbits get a pretty raw deal when it comes to their interactions with humans; we eat them, wear them, experiment on them, treat them as pests and keep them as things of amusement in tiny cages.  But it doesn’t have to be this way, the hope that bunnies can live rich and full lives rests with us.  With so many rabbit free ways to clothe ourselves, test chemicals  and cosmetics and conduct research, as well as feed ourselves,  why cause harm to these gentle and innocent creatures?