Mr Blinky

Rescue Date

11th April 2014


In the blink of an eye…

‘What’s that I saw?’ uttered the kind hearted worker as they looked out from their factory window.  A tiny white form danced about on that blustery cold and wet day on the distant grass verge.  Was it a plastic bag or a tiny creature, they mused and in the blink of an eye it was gone.  Appearing a short time later, but this time the image was clear, as a white bunny hopped into view.  Abandoned in an industrial precinct is no way to treat a rabbit, but that is just what happened to dear Mr Blinky. For three days he scampered about, confused in an inhospitable world of tall grasses, noisy trucks and dangerous predators.   Domestic rabbits are prey animals and are highly vulnerable; lacking the street savvy smarts of their wild cousins, setting them loose is a death sentence as they risk succumbing to the elements, predation or the deadly myxomatosis virus.  That he had, at some point in time, been a much loved bunny is evident by the way he now inquisitively hops over to inspect you then curls up on your lap and peacefully snoozes.  He is a gentle and kind fellow and certainly not deserving of the treatment he was afforded.  Perhaps some child’s pet for whom the novelty wore off, or he may well have been a breeding rabbit ‘use by date’, he may even have hopped away from a none too secure backyard (although this would appear highly unlikely given the distance he would have to have travelled).  Yet with no microchip to identify his previous carer, and an entire rabbit at that, the future was looking anything but peachy for poor Mr B.

Bleak that is until someone cared, and it was to the kind hearted worker whose gaze and heart was touched, that Mr Blinky owes his life.  In the frantic calls for help that followed, this worker could well have given over to despair, as first it was the local council who advised they did not collect rabbits, next the local animal shelter told their resources were already stretched to the max and could not attend and poor Blinky fell outside of the safety net of wildlife rescue.  But to give up at this point would have meant not only a life would have been lost but a heart would begin to harden, and both Mr Blinky and we give thanks they did not.  However it would be a race against time to see if the terrified creature would still even be in the vicinity once we were on the scene.

In the feverish moments that followed our arrival, Mr Blinky took a bit of convincing we truly were the good guys.  But once in our arms a little bunny sigh of relief could be heard as the words ‘you’re safe now, you are going to Edgar’s Mission’ were whispered into his crusty sore ears.  Underweight and with several war wounds pock marking his body, the coming days will be critical for his health and well-being.

We will continue to monitor the area where Mr Blinky was found as it was thought there may have been other white rabbits sighted in this area.  However our extensive search failed to find any sightings save several discarded white plastic bags that could well masquerade as white rabbits.

Mr Blinky’s story highlights several important things to remember in regards to our being good stewards for our animal friends.

  1. Keep them safe and secure at all times, in particular rabbits need a mosquito proof enclosure to prevent myxomatosis.
  2. Desex your pet, for their safety and to prevent unwanted litters.  Many councils now offered subsidized desexing programs, please check to see if you qualify.
  3. If you see an animal in trouble, please speak out. Even if you cannot stop and render direct assistance call someone who can.  Your local council, ranger, RSPCA or vet clinic are good places to start.

And remember, you cannot do a kindness too soon because you never know when in the blink of an eye it could be too late!