Mrs Peaches

Arrival Date:

2nd May 2009


Now she may look a little different from when she first found fame and a reprieve from a factory farm but Mrs Peaches is still as adorable and friendly as ever. You see Mrs P is a movie star. That’s right, big screen, Hollywood actors and actresses, bright lights and rolling cameras. Mrs Peaches was one of 46 piglets plucked from the obscurity of a factory farm to play the role of Wilbur in the Paramount Pictures Movie “Charlotte’s Web”.

Despite her tender age she and her sisters had already started to change hearts and minds about pigs. At the movie’s end, Mrs Peaches, like all the other piglets in the movie, found a loving home. Unfortunately, a change in her carer’s circumstances caused Mrs Peaches to be in need of a new patch to call her own. Edgar’s Mission, on learning of her plight, threw open it’s barn doors to the porcine diva. Despite her burgeoning size Mrs Peaches is as gentle as a flower and a wonderful ambassador for pigs.

Oh and is there a Mr Peaches? Well yes and no. Mrs Peaches was actually just Peaches when she first came to our attention but a dear and rather large ginger rabbit named Peaches, already claimed Edgar’s Mission as his. And as pigs and rabbits are very intelligent and can learn their names we did not wish to change either, hence the addition of ‘Mrs’ to avoid any confusion.

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