Rescue Date

1st January 2015


All beings tremble before violence

“All beings tremble before violence. All love life. All fear death. See yourself in others. Then whom can you hurt? What harm can you do?” –Buddha. And all beings love their teddy, especially sickly young rescued lambs like our Neo.

Each day Neo has grown stronger and more inquisitive, but he never strays too far from his beloved Teddy. Offering far more than security, Teddy makes Neo’s world complete as he travels with Neo daily to the paddock and back in again each night. On one occasion during cleaning rounds, Neo was moved to an adjacent stall but unfortunately his teddy was inadvertently left behind. It was Neo’s pitiful baa’s that alerted us to our faux pas, but what came next was sheer proof positive that sheep are indeed emotional creatures as Neo proceeded to do a little happy dance upon his teddy’s arrival.

Neo’s injured eye, which had been a source of great concern, has responded remarkably to treatment. So much so that our initial fears it would have to be removed have taken a back seat. Although still horrifically scarred, tears have abated, and some sight has returned. What a little champ is Neo as he has taken it all in his stride, trusting in we humans and endearing himself to everyone who passes by his stall.

Sheep are often portrayed as mindless and stupid, yet nothing could be further from the truth. Their ability to navigate life in a sheep’s world is something we ‘intelligent’ humans could never do. They can learn from one another, are able to self-medicate if given the chance and know which plants to avoid. So how did Neo become so sick? Perhaps it was the early separation from his mother and his flock that denied him of vital life lessons that could have prevented his illness. Studies have shown that when sheep are provided with free access to certain minerals they will only intake those that are needed to maintain good health and vigour. But thankfully for Neo, all his lessons now come with a dose of kindness and, of course, his teddy