Rescue Date

15th August 2012


I only want to be with you -Othello

Othello is a modern day tragedy, albeit there is a happy ending. Othello and his two buddies somehow found their way onto a busy outer Melbourne Freeway. Terrified and way out of their depth, the trio didn’t know which way to run. Sadly Othello’s two offsiders took a chance to flee across the busy thoroughfare and fell victim to a motor vehicle. Now left alone and scared, Othello somehow became entangled in a discarded tarpaulin and things went from bad to worse in the blink of eye. But here’s where the goodness of the human heart came to the fore.

Othello’s plight hit the phones of local wildlife carers who enlisted the help of Manfred and his dart gun. The heavily sedated goat then gave his rescuers more than a few anxious moments as he struggled to come out of the sedation. Arriving at Edgar’s Mission still unconscious, it was to be a long night monitoring the vital signs of Othello. It was beyond fortunate for Othello to come to Edgar’s Mission as he would reap the benefits of many previous hours, days and months spent rehabilitating goats who had justifiably lost their trust of man. Through the dawning rays of the sun, Othello staggered about the stable like a drunken sailor. Yet despite his disabled state he remained convinced ours was not a species to be trusted and he would pathetically try and flee. But for Othello there was something special about the Lady with the Hat. She was kind and good and her touch gentle. She would spend many hours just sitting with Othello until the day came for him to once again reacquaint himself with the outside world.

With great trepidation Othello followed his new buddy, the Lady with the Hat, and he, mixing trust with skittishness, made his way to a laneway brimming with luscious long grass. Here Othello and his new buddy explored, Othello agreeing, ‘the grass here really is greener’.  But that was only until the Lady with the Hat departed. Calling to his new friend, ‘Don’t leave me,’ it wasn’t long before Othello jumped the fence and tagged along. With office jobs beckoning, another yard was needed to be found with an even higher fence. Othello happily enjoyed the new digs until once again, the Lady with the Hat departed and he proved that a higher fence was no impediment for his love. It took a cyclone fence, a small enclosure and a steely resolve to find a yard that could contain Othello long enough for him to recover before he could be introduced to his new goaty buddies. Until then Othello will have to make do with joyous, albeit it short interludes of tagging along and assisting the Lady with the Hat do her rounds of the farm.