Parker and Vincent Van-Goatee

Rescue Date

29th January 2014


If Good Things Come in Small Packages…

Then great things must come in enormous packages! This is the first thought that sprung to mind when we initially laid eyes on the newest resident to find sanctuary here at Edgar’s Mission. Our second thought, as we gazed across the grounds of the council pound toward our new pal, was, “Wow!” There can be no doubt about it, that with his sheer size, legs long enough to rival any supermodel and those ‘aristocratic’ facial features, our dear Parker, an Anglo- Nubian cross, is indeed a sight to behold. Standing at 40 inches at the wither (that’s 10 hands high in horse-speak), even taller at the rump and taller still when he cranes his head upward to look you in the eye, our new goaty friend towers over some of our pony residents here at Edgar’s Mission! However, upon our first meeting today, Parker quickly proved himself to be a gentle giant, ambling over to us as though he had all the time in the world, to softly touch his nose to our hand, before being led to our awaiting Rescue Van.

Behind Parker’s knowing eyes lies a soul who has seen more sorrow than any being ever should. While we do not know the full extent of his prior predicament, a sore and calloused neck, indicative of time spent on a tether and a crudely fashioned, dangerously tight baling twine collar cut from his neck, both paint the picture of a past that is not pretty.

Bearing both physical and mental scars of a life less fortunate is Parker’s buddy, the aptly named, Vincent Van-Goatee. Sticking closely by his pal’s side, wary of human presence and quick to jump at our touch, it saddens us to know that his fear of man is quite possibly well justified. We do however hold great faith that our tried and tested formula of kindness, patience and all of the things that make a goat’s life truly worth living will eventually see this charismatic and beautiful creature let down his guard just enough for him to understand that we are on his side.

So, good things come in small packages and great things come in enormous packages. And, of course, it goes without saying that great things happen to enormous goats when kindness is part of the package here at Edgar’s Mission!