Rescue Date

1st December 2012


Why did the chicken cross the road? To escape the marauding moggie that was chasing her of course!  You see, chickens are just like you and I in that they fear for their life and will go to great lengths to save it. Even if doing so means dodging cars and trucks on a busy highway.  Well that’s just what dear little Pearl the chicken did, endeavouring to elude capture by a hungry feline.  This tremendous act of gusto was witnessed by a Good Samaritan who, fearing for the safety of both the chicken and the cat, rescued the unlikely duo and took them to a nearby vet.   Whilst a microchip saw the cat returned to its owner, along with a stern warning to be more vigilant, the unidentifiable chicken remained ‘ownerless’.  With little provision for poultry in councils’ domestic animal policies, Pearl’s future hung in limbo until the words ‘Edgar’s Mission’ sprung to mind and a call was made. Pearl has now happily assimilated with her new buddies here at Edgar’s Mission and gone are her days of life on the run.  Happily trading hungry cats for kindly humans, Pearl is proof that given the chance, the human heart does not wish to see any animal come to harm and that it is within each and every one of us to make the world a kinder safer place for animals.