Rescue Date

21sy May 2014


There are around 18 species of penguins alive today, yet none look quite like our newest little black and white friend aptly named Penguin. And the closest thing our Penguin will come to living surrounded by ice is the warm and fuzzy feel she gets when cuddled up to her new play pal, Frosty! You see little Penguin is a kid goat, and one of the luckiest ones alive as you will soon read.

At barely hours old, it is believed little Penguin survived the fall from a passing livestock truck. Her lucky find was relayed by kindly landowners who came upon the tiny bleating, and still covered in amniotic fluid, baby. Realising time was of the essence the clinging to life, kid goat was quickly taken to a nearby veterinary clinic. Here replacement colostrum was given and hope created.

Not only making it through the night the little one did flourish, bleating to the world her cheeky resolve to live. Arriving at our sanctuary happily and warmly tucked away inside a cat pet carrier, the precious cargo of a kindly volunteer, Penguin was christened.

We wish to extend our sincere and heart-felt thanks to all those who assisted a tiny creature in need -the good hearted folk who worked swiftly to get Penguin into the caring and knowledgeable hands of the Bendigo Animal Clinic, the wonderful staff and vets at this clinic and our amazing volunteer, thank you for re-assuring us the world can indeed be a kind place.