Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen

Birth Date

6th December 2013



On the 28th of September 2013 we were overjoyed beyond belief, gleefully celebrating our rescue of three runaway pigs, whose lives were otherwise destined to be brought to an untimely end through the barrel of a gun. But we were wrong! Our first inkling that we had not in fact spared a trio of perky porcines from a grizzly fate came not long after their rescue when Wonder Woman, now affectionately known as Mumma Pig, began gaining weight at a rate in excess of the good quality feed she and her two off-spring, Captain Courageous and Super Girl, were now tucking into.

With our vet confirming our suspicions, in the early hours of this morning, Mumma Pig once again delighted us all as she gave birth to eight precious, happy and healthy little piglets. Sensing the imminent arrival, we had moved the expectant mother into our nursery ward and over the last 24 hours she increasingly became more restless as her belly swelled and her body began to show signs that the pitter patter of little trotters was not far off. Straw began to be tossed about, twigs and branches were strategically carried into place as Mumma Pig carefully constructed her nest. And without a farrowing crate in sight, all eight piglets inched their way safely into a world of kindness. From a frightened arrival to a now trusting friend, it was a vastly different pig who happily welcomed our support earlier this morning. The once renegade runaway, who we previously could not get within metres of without her fearfully warning us to venture no closer, placed the ultimate trust in us as we treated her to well- deserved belly rubs while confirming that our new porcine family were all in good health. A true testament to the power of kindness, Mamma Pig and her babies have proven that all things, including trust and dear little piglets, do indeed grow with love. We here at Edgar’s Mission are not only blessed to be surrounded by wonderful animals but some wonderful people too. And to our current WWOOFing Volunteer, Hailie we are forever grateful for the many hours she has lovingly spent by Mumma’s side, gaining her trust and gently showing her that we humans truly do have goodness in our hearts.

And so friends, we were wrong! On that fateful night three pigs’ lives were not saved but eleven were! And for these precious piglets, with no brutal teeth clipping, painful tail cutting or cruel non-surgical castration in their future and with the knowledge that they will never be destined for someone’s dinner plate, Christmas time truly will be something to celebrate!