Arrival Date

21st May 2010


Ambassador – (n), minister sent to foreign State as permanent representative or on a mission

People often ask what sort of pig is Polly. Well we can tell you that she is very, very lucky, occasionally obedient, unbelievably adorable and an ambassador. In 2003 a piglet came into the life of founder and director of Edgar’s Mission, Pam Ahern, and changed it forever. So touched by Edgar was Pam that she quit her full time job, threw caution to the wind and decided to create a sanctuary for Edgar to spend his days living a life as all pigs should, under a blue sky, with a wallow to splash about in, a straw bed to rest in and friends to hang out with. Sadly in 2010 Edgar Alan Pig passed away but his indelible trotter print was left on Pam’s heart.

While his legacy lives on in the name of this eponymous sanctuary as well as the hearts, minds and deeds of all who came to know him, Polly trotted forward (not to replace Edgar as we know each and every animal is truly unique and one can never replace another) to, in her own inimitable way, help heal a grieving heart.

While most people are readily able to identify with the grief one feels for another’s loss of their beloved companion cat or dog, in a nation that slaughters millions and millions of farmed animals, the loss of one pig would seem hardly a blimp on the radar. Yet until one has truly got to know a pig and indeed, all farmed animals, one can possibly never imagine the sorrow.

Animals, like Edgar and Polly, are such a beautiful reminder that the shape animals come in is really no basis for the prejudices we have towards them.
Polly continues to touch hearts and change minds about farmed animals, delighting one and all with her quirky nature, cool tricks and beautiful smile.

Career highlights:

  • Mistaking the brand new GPS for WheetBix, whoops sorry guys
  • Winning first prize in the RSPCA Million Paws Walk Best Trick Competition , “I beat all the dogs”
  • Mastering the ‘as yet never achieved by another pig’ trick called ‘the launch’. “You’ve got to see this one”
  • Stealing the show at the book launch of ‘Women of Letters’. “Apologies to the Bella Union Theatre and Marieke Hardy”
  • Climbing on top of the book cabinet, eating 2 boxes of wheatbix, knocking down 2 boxes of duck eggs to the floor. “I realised then I suffered so I decided to stand really really still and hope they would just think I was another cute piggy statue, plan B was to plead the fifth”
  • Doing the balloon, “Sadly I am no longer able to do this one, but when I was very little and was allowed to roam about eating grass I hadn’t as yet developed a stop button. I would eat and eat and eat, like, well a pig, and ended up looking more like a big balloon with four little legs sticking out. After that I my time on the grass was restricted”