Miss Pompy Do

Arrival Date

20 December 2004


Miss Pompy Do or Pompy to her friends, actually started life out as Bella, the starlet piglet who championed the cause of pigs early in December of 2004- touring the country with such famous celebrities and actors as James Cromwell, Jackie O and Suzie Wilks. Bella received her reprieve from a factory farm about 8 weeks prior to Christmas to spearhead Animals Australia’s savebabe.com campaign, highlighting the plight of her not so lucky mother and sisters in factory farms. Having more than admirably fulfilled her role as ‘Ambassador for Pigs’, Bella had secured her future. No sow stall would ever confine this free spirit (and what a free spirit we were to soon learn) and so she was “retired” from active duty to Edgar’s Mission on the 24th of December 2004.

As days went by it soon became obvious that a new and more appropriate title for this little ‘princess’ who embraced every aspect of life with confidence and exuberance was needed – ‘Miss Pompy Do’ aptly fitted the bill.

It also proved less confusing for Belle, the paraplegic dog, a long time resident of Edgar’s Mission who would look in puzzlement when Bella was asked to sit. “Bella sit”, after all being a paraplegic dog, poor Belle did not have too many options!

Pompy’s day begins with breakfast of pigmash and selected vegetable treats. She, like all pigs, is very clean by nature and does not like to mess in her stable preferring to wait until let out. And to this day she loves to play with gum tree branches (just like dear Edgar Alan did) and old chaff bags. Heaven help the unsuspecting volunteers who venture into her and her buddy Lily’s paddock to pick up poop carrying an old chaff bag. As soon as they turn their back, Miss Pompy Do morphs into the artful dodger as best a 300kg pig can and makes good her escape with the bag firmly grasped between her teeth. Gleefully tossing her head about with pig poop projectiles heading each and every which way! Oh, and tummy rubs, age has not diminished Miss P’s love of them -yep, keep them coming she oinks.

Pigs, like dogs delight in having their tummy rubbed and will gladly lie down at any moment for one. Pompy is always on hand to help out around the farm telling one and all her view of the world, which as you can imagine, is always the correct one! Pompy confirmed our view that pigs are one of the, if not the, most social animals we have come by, greeting every animal with a friendly little ”nff nff”.

The young Pompy had a favourite game; it was called ‘guess this noise’. It went like this, while Pam was working in the stables tending things other than Pompy (humpff!!), Pompy amused herself by making merry and much noise. As Pam was not present she had to guess what made the noise to determine how fast she had to run to address what Pompy had done. Get it! Fun for Pompy, but not so much fun for Pam!