Rescue Date

2nd January 2016


They never made it to Bunnings …

A trip to the local hardware store took a decidedly different direction when a young couple came across a little lamb in distress. By the side of a busy major highway, Primrose was where no happy, healthy and much-loved lamb should be. And it was soon clearly and painfully obvious that she was none of these three things. Highlighting just how poorly protected farmed animals are is Primrose’s story. With calls to the local council, RSPCA, police and other government animal welfare organisations, the sum total of assistance offered was zip. So what exactly happens to animals like Primrose and the people who come by them?

This is a question we are increasingly being faced with as we field calls from concerned members of the public who come by animals in distress and urgent need of help. We are so thankful we were able to provide the comfort and veterinary assistance this little lamb needed, but we also know we did more than that, for we ensured hearts would not be hardened as good people were not forced to simply leave Primrose where she gingerly stood.

With wounds akin to having been taken by a bird of prey and suffering a broken front leg, the sweet speckly-faced Suffolk lamb has well and truly fallen on her dainty little hooves (well, all three of them at the minute). Warming our hearts and broadening our smiles each day as she downs her formula and begins to blossom, Primrose is growing more cheeky and confident by the moment.

Whilst we are not exactly sure what our Good Samaritans were seeking that day, we trust they did eventually make it to Bunnings to find what they were after. One thing we know they most certainly were not after is kindness, for they have clearly shown they have that in more than good measure!