Rescue Date

27th April 2014


Everybody Loves Raymond!

There can be no doubt that the cute, fuzzy white face of a newborn lamb causes many hearts to melt and many mouths to utter, “Aaaw.” Few are those who can resist the long gangly legs that are not quite yet sure of their purpose, the innocent eyes that search for the warmth and comfort of a familiar face and the milky lips that part ever so slightly to let forth an almighty, “Baa,” the volume of which seemingly defies the miniscule body from which it came. And so, fittingly, everybody loves Raymond, the newest addition to this year’s orphan lamb clan. Sadly, despite many falling in love with him after no more than a mere glance, it is more than just an interfering mother and an over familiar family which ails our dear Raymond. You see, unlike his television namesake, this wee boy was born recently into inhospitable conditions, as icy late Autumn nights and chilly morning frosts have recently begun to take hold in this part of the world. Limp, immobile and no doubt suffering the effects of the cold when he was surrendered into our care late yesterday afternoon, warmth, much- needed sustenance, love and kindness have seen Raymond rally overnight and, while it is still touch and go for this little man, he is now on his feet and exploring his cosy nursery room and all those who enter it.

Despite the fact that ‘Everybody (or, indeed, many people) Loves Raymond’ many would be shocked to discover the sad reality that an estimated 15 million lambs just like him die in Australia within the first 48 hours of life, many due to the effects of hypothermia. And upon seeing the condition in which he entered our care yesterday, we have no doubt that if kindness had not found him, circumstances would have seen our dear Raymond become yet another addition to that statistic last night.

Over and again, we as a society are guilty of playing favourites when it comes to the creatures with whom we share this earth. While those we call ‘friends’ are largely provided with all of the things any animal could ever desire (and in many cases, more), those we farm for food and fibre so often not only fall outside of our circle of compassion, but fall outside of our animal welfare legislation also. And as yet another feed time beckons, it is our great hope that this dear, brave little lamb will one day show that kindness toward all creatures is the only answer, ensuring that ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ forevermore.