Robinson Crusoe

Rescue Date

22nd July 2013


In The Spirit of Adventure

As dark and ominous clouds loomed dangerously over Melbourne’s skyline late one evening, an audacious duck took off on a voyage that was destined to be tumultuous at best. As rain and lightning crashed down from the heavens and ferocious winds whipped through the night, the Khaki Campbell duck was blown off of his course and found himself unceremoniously stranded in a suburban backyard. However, castaway he was not, as when the storm subsided and the morning sun rose, a Good Samaritan awoke to find the wayward traveller in her garden. With the call to Edgar’s Mission made, it was not a desert island that awaited this thrill seeker, who we have christened Robinson Crusoe, but water filled ponds, freedom and friends aplenty.

With calls made to the local animal control officers it seems no-one has been forthcoming to claim the intrepid Robinson Crusoe.  And so after having served his initial quarantine period upon arrival at our sanctuary, Mr Crusoe didn’t hesitate in exploring his new home where, much to his obvious delight, he spied a small flock of his own kind in Mr Pekin, Billie Jean and Sir Francis Drake. Cautiously hanging on the periphery of the duck gang at first, a brave and again adventurous Robinson Crusoe then took the plunge, quite literally, diving into the pond to join his new friends. As we watch our happy quacky gang today, Robinson Crusoe in their number, we are reminded of the fact that ducks are social creatures who, not unlike humans, are not suited to the castaway life and relish in the company of their own kind. Audacious voyager he may be, but one thing is for sure, in the company of his pals, this is one duck who will no longer have to look far for fun and adventure.