Roll Over Beethoven

Rescue Date

23rd June 2013


Roll over Beethoven

He gave a lot of love and now it’s time for him to receive some in return.  Beethoven was a breeding boar on a small scale pig farm but the arrival of a new, more ‘ergonomically’ bred pig meant that the lovin’ had run out for dear Beethoven. As a result, he was to be unceremoniously shot at 4pm that fateful day.  However, his affable piggy grunts had touched not only the ears but also the heart of a kindly neighbour who desperately sought no 1812 Overture for Beethoven.  Try as we might, we have been unable to squeeze any more hours into our day, however with the some clever logistics we have been able to squeeze in just one more piggy and so have accommodated the portly five year old Beethoven.

Recovering well from his castration, Beethoven is now only too willing to roll over for tummy rubs and return the kindness we have shown to him.  Indeed, over and over we have seen that nothing can clear the mind and consume the soul like the gentle stroking of a pig’s belly.  It is in such profound moments that even the deaf can hear their heartfelt plea for mercy.  Yet sadly on pig farms throughout our country, these intelligent animals are seen only a means to an end. Mother pigs can be severely confined in small metal crates, piglets can have surgical procedures performed on them without any anaesthetic or pain relief and gentle boars like Beethoven, after having served their purpose, are killed.

But it doesn’t have to be this way and it is our great hope that Beethoven’s tale of redemption will not fall on deaf ears as a new breed of kindness for all animals rolls out.  Roll over Beethoven indeed!