Rescue Date

1st May 2005


For as long as I can remember I have always loved people. I loved the first lady in my life like no other. I didn’t care that she found a human she wanted to spend her time with as it made her happy so I was happy too! Alas he didn’t love me, he thought the lady spent too much time with me, even though it was less since he came along. He gave her an ultimatum “It’s me or the dog” he barked one night. I was scared. The lady took me the very next day to the vet, handed my lead to the nurse and walked out of my life forever.

I was sad, I loved the lady. The nurse bent down and touched my head, a tear dropped from her cheek. I licked her hand and wished she wouldn’t be sad. I have never wished to make anyone sad. I sat down and pushed my back against her leg and looked up at her with my big brown eyes. ‘No one should ever make anyone make such a choice’ I heard her tell the other kindly nurse who came in. ‘It’s not fair’ the other said, and her eyes too began to mist over.

I am not sure what happened next as I became sad too. I do recall the first words I heard as I blinked in the sunshine and heard someone whisper in my ear, ‘you’re safe now, you are at Edgar’s Mission’. I often hear my new human friends joke, ‘it’s lucky for the boyfriend he wasn’t taken to the vet for there is no place here for someone who would force another to make such a decision!’

The Edgar’s Mission folk say that in animals each human finds their measure and how you treat us tells the world so much about the sorts of people you are. I have heard the relationship didn’t last, but there is no way I am going back!!

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