Sammy & Lulu

Arrival Date

20th November 2012


I get by with a little help from my friends.

Lulu and Sammy had lovingly been had raised by an elderly lady who recently reached the sad conclusion she could no longer provide for the exactly needs of the two love struck geese.  Frantic calls were made but refusal after refusal were sending Lulu and Sammy’s guardian into despair as the future of the love birds was looking bleak.  Proving our compassion is not limited to our animal friends Lulu and Sammy, along with a tenderly scrawled note of their likes and dislikes were collected and chauffeured to Edgar’s Mission.

With five feisty geese already stamping firmly their authoritative webbed feet here we realised that Lulu and Sammy’s stay could only be temporary.  And with a little help from our friends Sammy and Lulu have found new digs thanks to the assistance of Dave Mould and Sister Maria.