Rescue Date

29th November 2014


When Saturday was born she looked just as any little lamb should, but when she tried to move things went decidedly pear-shaped. The sweet little Suffolk ewe could barely manage more than a few steps before falling down, making her human carers question how they could provide her with a good life. As determined as Saturday was to live, so too were they driven to find her a place where she could get the care she needed – and that’s when they found Edgar’s Mission.

After some thorough veterinary examinations it became apparent that Saturday wasn’t suffering from any external toxins but was born with congenital spasticity, meaning her hind limbs don’t work in sync with the messages sent from her brain. Putting on our thinking caps, the challenge was on to find a way to give Saturday a life truly worth living – one where she could explore and graze, to do all the things that would give her life meaning.

After much deliberation, the input of an amazing group of volunteers and the team at Aquapaws, the solution became clear. Saturday was fitted with her own cart, giving her the freedom to venture out into the lush green pastures she so satisfyingly devours.

Saturday’s love of life, as with all farmed animals, cannot be dampened by any label we humans choose to place on her – she is an individual being and this world is one she greatly wants to be a part of. Her steely resolve to never give up and her happy-go-lucky way inspire us each and every day, so for that we say: thank you Saturday.

On October 7th 2018 Saturday left our world, see our tribute to her here.