Scooby Doo, Daphne Blake, Shaggy Rogers & Velma Dinkley

Rescue Date

20th May 2013


Scooby Dooby Do Where Are You?

A long way from their ancestral home of South America was Scooby Doo, his mum, Daphne Blake, trusty sidekick Shaggy Rogers and his mum Velma Dinkley, when they were found not only down on their luck but in their condition as well.  Bearing the scientific name of Vicugna pacos, alpacas are members of the Camelid family and were first domesticated around 7,000 years ago, yet these teddy bear-like critters only made their first appearance in Australia in 1858.  Despite 336 pioneering alpacas originally setting sail, only 276 survived the seaboard journey to set their soft padded feet on our nation’s shore all those years ago.  Of this number, not one survived and it was not until 1988 that alpacas were to make their next cheeky appearance in the Land of Oz. Today, they number in excess of 60,000 in our country. While traditionally farmed for their luxurious fibre, alpacas are fast becoming sought after pets. But sadly, the abilities of many owners to care for these creatures do not meet the needs of these quizzical characters.

Whilst it was not a psychedelic colored ‘Mystery Machine’ that delivered Scooby and his friends to Edgar’s Mission, we give thanks to our good friends from Winged Horse Equine who dutifully ferried the quirky quartet to the safety of our sanctuary.  And while it is going to be a long road back for Scooby and his mates, each day will be filled with lots of ‘scooby snacks’ as we aim to not only see them beginning to trust but also to gain some much needed weight.  And in the case of the mums, Daphne and Velma, there may also be another reason for their weight gain as having run with entire males it will be a waiting game of 11 ½ months to see if we are going to be hearing the little pitter patter of soft padded Cria feet.  A Cria, for those unfamiliar with alpaca speak, is a baby alpaca. A female is called a Hembre, a male a Macho and a twelve month old alpaca is called a Tui.

The tale of Scooby and his intrepid crew comes with a poignant reminder that while the animals of this world exist for their own reasons, domestic animals take on their current roles and forms because of us. And as such, we have duties to them- the very first being that we must ensure they are able to have a life worth living and each and every one of us can work towards this end. The way for us to do so is indeed no mystery to be solved, all it takes is the power of kindness.