Selena Duck

Rescue Date

30th October 2013


The Power of One!

Highlighting the terrible plight of poultry and the lack of protection our society affords them recently was a sweet Muscovy cross female duck who was found alone and confused.  With a strong desire to see the concrete driveway upon which the young creature had settled become anything but her final resting place, a kind hearted resident took swift action.  An initial call to the local council saw a handball to a wildlife rescue organisation.  A photo was sent, which revealed the hapless duck to be a non-native species and therefore beyond the scope of the dedicated native animal rescue team. And so, number after number was crossed off the list as assistance was sought.  Sadly, to each desperate plea, the same words were retorted, “We don’t handle poultry.”  With darkness looming, neighbourhood dogs and cats prowling, foxes marauding and busy motorists zooming home, the next challenge facing the weary creature lay but a perilous web-footed step away.

While this kind hearted individual could well have ‘closed up shop’ and walked away, having done all she could, it was more than just a conscience that tugged at her heartstrings, for a determined young daughter begged, “Can’t we try harder mum?” Ever- committed to not leave the side of the duck until a safe and happy outcome could be found, the mother and daughter searched a little harder until the words ‘Edgar’s Mission’ hit their ears.  But at such a late hour, the tyranny of distance meant that even if we were to drop everything our help would come too late. If not for the power of yet another determined brave heart who raced across town (observing all speed limits along the way of course) we would not be reporting to you now the safe arrival of little Selena duck.  It is times like these that we are thankful for the existence of many other sanctuaries who not only provide a safe haven for animals but who also provide hope for humans to keep their eyes and hearts open and to be ever on hand to exercise their  own ‘power of one’.

Selena Duck, so named in honour of the determined young soul who refused to walk away, will serve as our daily reminder of the power of one – urging us all to ‘try a little harder’.  We extend a heartfelt thank you to our Good Samaritan, her daughter Selena and once again our ever vigilant and incredibly kind friend Dave Mould, without whom one dear little duck may not be with us today.