Rescue Date

17th September 2007


I was taken from my mummy, who I loved very much, not long after I was born. As I was
only very small the farmer didn‛t want me so I was sent to market. Things were not
looking too good for me, that was, until I spotted a lady with a hat. She looked kind as she
walked about the pens, she never pushed or shoved the other calves like the other humans did nor did she speak in a gruff voice. I liked her from the start, I just watched and
watched until her eyes meet mine!

Sadly there are around one million calves each year just like me that find themselves at
markets or worse, we are called bobby calves. The name bobby calf springs from the low
value the dairy industry places on us, the forgotten ones. They say we are only worth a
bob, but the lady with the hat says we all are priceless. Many people don‛t realise that
mother cows, like all mammals produce milk for their young and in order for mother cows
to keep producing milk she will need to keep having a calf. Well, the dairy industry might
think us bobby calves are “a low value by-product of milk production” but people like you
clearly know we have feelings and don‛t like to be considered nothing more than a
production unit. Thank you for being my buddy.

I really hope you can come and see me real soon, they say I have turned out to be one
mighty fine ambassador for bobby calves!

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