Sir Francis Drake

Rescue Date

4th February 2013


If it Looks Like a Duck and Walks Like a Duck…

If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck.. It is a duck! Well, unless of course it is a drake! Sir Francis Drake to be exact, the spectacularly coloured duck who recently waddled our way. But while the term ‘duck’ refers in general to our aquatic friends or the bird family Anatidae, female ducks are actually hens or simply ducks, the males are drakes, the babies are known as ducklings and a group of these feathered wonders is referred to as a raft, team or paddling. And if they live at Edgar’s Mission – well they are extra lucky ducks indeed!

Navigating his way to our sanctuary via an outer Melbourne pound, Sir Francis takes his name from the famous sea captain and Vice Admiral, Sir Francis Drake. And it would seem the similarity is in more than just name alone. Our Sir Francis does indeed like to circumnavigate waterways, although his seafaring sojourns are a little more sedate within his blue clam shell pool rather than out in the wide open seas like his globe- trotting dare devil namesake. And it seems that just like the Elizabethan era Sir Francis, whose popularity was with the English and certainly not the Spanish (who regarded him as a pirate) our Sir Francis also is not loved by all. His tale of abandonment is all too familiar to our ears as so few are endeared to the masculine charms of drakes. Yet their crime is not in the trading of slaves but in simply following their natural biological instincts.

We are pleased to now log that Sir Francis has quickly fallen into line with his new found feathered friends, Billie Jean and Mr Pekin, a pair of friendly Khaki Campbell ducks. And so, one thing is for sure- if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, a life at Edgar’s Mission will guarantee it is the happiest duck of them all.