Snickers and Skittles

Rescue Date

22nd December 2015


Snickers and Skittles and a story of hope

It was an emotionally charged ride home with a frightened, little, one-time abandoned merino ewe and her lamb recently. Whilst we rejoiced that these two had been saved, as we cast our eyes to the left we were confronted with the most distressing sight of thousands of equally frightened sheep crammed tight into small pens outside a slaughterhouse—each unwittingly awaiting their brutal turn.

Sometimes it is truly heartbreaking for those of us in the animal protection movement to find reasons for hope amidst what appears to be a sea of indifference and despair. But every now and then a sweet victory comes our way: a heart is awakened, a cruelty-free product is created, or an animal is spared, and these are the things that spur us on. On this day it was Snickers and her baby, Skittles, who had somehow slipped through more than the fence that once contained them, remaining unclaimed in the country pound, a stone’s throw from the local abattoir. Now, not only do they have a name but a future, and although they do not know it yet, they really are in a good place—no, make that a great place.

We understand the heartache so many feel when we cannot save them all, however if we truly care about animals and seek to make the world a kinder place, we must turn that disappointment, grief and anger into positive action. For the reality is this: what people eat, what people wear and what people do are decisions that not only shape our lives but the lives of those around us, and when we recognise this, we can transform from being authors of suffering, cruelty and indifference to being change-makers, saviours and the best possible versions of ourselves.

2016 promises to be a year that will challenge us all like no other.  Never before has animal based agriculture come under the ethical spotlight. Its probing beam hitting the most unlikely of places as once sacrosanct industries, practices and even beliefs, desperately try to justify their existence to a populace who have at their heart kindness.  Such is a kindness that hugs much more than the heart, as it seeks to protect the most vulnerable and voiceless among us.  And it is through our work here at Edgar’s Mission that we work tirelessly to show the animals who are farmed for food and fibre in a light many have never seen before.  All as unique individuals, with hopes, desires and emotions and something which is a beacon of hope … just ask Snickers and Skittles.