Arrival Date

23rd November 2012


Never look a gift pig in the snout.

Why? Because she may just snuffle all over you! While you may think she looks pretty cute and damned adorable, it seems not everyone else agrees. Snuffles was purchased as a gift for an unappreciative couple who quickly ferried the young porcine out of their home and surrendered her to a shelter.  Still unsure of the world- after all hers had just been turned upside down, Snuffles is a little aloof but once in your arms she quickly melts and enjoys a cuddle and good old snuffle.  Her favourite treats are watermelon (which doubles as a neat wallow) and grapes.  Having quickly mastered the sit and ‘be cute’ command, Snuffles reaffirms yet again what incredibly intelligent and quick learners pigs are. What’s more, they are so much more than just a token gift.

While Snuffles’ story from unwanted present to adored friend is a great outcome for Snuffles, not all animals given as gifts will be so lucky and serves as a timely reminder to NEVER surprise someone with an animal.  At just 3 ½ months old, Snuffles tips the scales at 13kgs, however only time will tell if she truly remains miniature in size (as so few ever do).

One thing is for sure- Snuffles is going to make her way into the hearts of many.