Soda Pop

Rescue Date

2nd May 2015


A story of hope

Every year, so many little lambs find their way to our sanctuary, and, as each one nestles into our barns and our hearts, come the words, “We will do everything in our power to save your life”. But when we first saw Soda Pop, we sadly thought these were hollow words, for indeed her situation looked hopeless. The most succinct word to describe the little merino lamb before us was ‘ragdoll’. For that was how she lay and that was how her body fell when we picked her up. As she struggled to even lift her head, no one dared utter the words we all thought and so we pressed on, as determined as she. Testing of her limbs brought a wee glimmer of hope as little flinches confirmed she undeniably had sensation in all four. That Soda Pop still had a good sucking reflex meant all was not lost—and so to our box of tricks did we race.

Despite all the modern technology available and veterinary literature we could find, our answer came in the most unlikely of places—a green shopping bag. Each day we would gently lift Soda Pop into our specially prepared bag, as we had cut a leg hole at each corner and a little ‘porthole’ at the front for her head. Now this really was the only time a lamb should ever find their way into a shopping bag!!

At first we would moor Soda Pop to a handrail and leave her there for some minutes. You can only imagine our excitement when the limp little lamb’s legs bore the weight of their master, but if that was not enough, Soda Pop commanded them to turn in little half-circles and they responded in kind. We were in with a chance!!!

Day by day we would take our little mop-top lamb for ever-so-slow walks in her shopping bag. The word ‘euphoria’ doesn’t even come close to describing the moment we let the handles go. On drunken-sailor-like legs, Soda Pop swaggered her way down the barn as we raced beside her, arms outstretched, much like a parent does the first time they take the trainer wheels off their child’s bicycle. Honestly, there was not a dry eye in the barn.

Still experiencing some difficultly in rising, it is clear north and south are still a bit of a blur for Soda Pop, but hell hath no fury like a determined little lamb and slowly she is overcoming this obstacle as well. Whilst it is clear Soda Pop will remain a ‘special needs’ gal, she makes it clear to us that the only thing she really needs right now is love, kindness, understanding and her bottle!!

Soda Pop: we love you, we adore you, you inspire us beyond words and you will forevermore remind us that “Our greatest glory in life is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall”.