Spider Pig

Rescue Date

17th August 2011


The young Spider Pig was found cowering in the front yard as the homeowners returned one day. Seeing the tiny piglet was covered in blood a call was made to the local ranger who promptly attended and took the frightened creature to a veterinarian. Several stiches were required in numerous large wounds on the piglet’s neck. However, prior to stitching the piglet back together, the wounds had to be debrided as they had been become infected and contained foreign matter suggesting the injury had occurred sometime previous.

So what had happened to the tiny piglet that nearly cost her life? It would appear to have been some sort of mauling but by what we are unsure. What we do know is that it hasn’t eaten away her spirit. Little Spider Pig just loves life and racing about the farm and just loves tummy rubs.

Spider Pig is known as a gilt, that is a female pig that has not given birth to a litter of baby pigs (piglets). A female pig that has had piglets is known as a sow A male pig that has been desexed or castrated is known as a barrow, while a male pig that has not been castrated is a boar. What we can tell you also is, there is nothing boring about pigs!!!