Sundance The Kid

Rescue Date

22nd June 2015


Hailing not from the American Wild West but from way out back-of-beyond, right here in Australia, was the tiniest wee kid goat we have ever seen. Waiting in ambush by the side of the lonely highway, little Sundance was ready to pounce. For how long he had been rehearsing his heist we do not know, but one thing is for sure—he is a master of his craft. When the time was right, the little kid spied his victim, and by lifting his head from where he lay at just the right time to catch their eye, he exacted his plan. With the car screeching to a stop, we can imagine little Sundance’s grin as he took aim and stole his first heart. With no wild bunch gang of goats in sight, the kind heart knew that lonely highways in the middle of nowhere are no place for tiny baby goats. So hitching a ride, Sundance rode shotgun all the way south to Edgar’s Mission.

Weighing in at a mere 2kg, Sundance was to prove that the only thing little about him was his size. Baby goats have that magical charm that never ceases to draw a smile, even from the most hardened of hearts, and when it comes to cute, little Sundance really does knock it out of the park. And claiming yet another scalp, Sundance sleeps atop a giant teddy when all worn out from cheekily following staff and volunteers about—‘kindly’ assisting them with their chores. No kidding: this is one adorable baby goat!