Rescue Date

16th November 2014


Sunday’s child is happy and gay!

But she wasn’t always so.  Dear little Sunday (little being the operative word as she tipped the scales just shy of 3kgs upon her arrival at the sanctuary) was born to a young ewe who was unable to provide for her wee baby. Had kindhearted humans not stepped in, Sunday would have slipped from this world.  After having the tiny lamb lovingly surrendered into our care, we then worked around the clock to ensure she received the much needed sustenance and love that would pull her through.  Warm jackets when needed, cool shelter as the temperature climbed, probiotics to aid good health, the company of her own kind and kisses and cuddles aplenty were just what the doctor ordered and Sunday has rewarded our efforts by being one of the most sweet natured and adorable little lambs we have ever met.  Each day has been filled with new adventures and friends, all of which ensures Sunday’s child is happy and gay.  And yes, she did arrive on a Sunday!