Rescue Date

6th May 2013


On the Sunny Side of the Street

Well it might not have been a particularly sunny day; a little chilly would be more apt to describe it, but most certainly on the right side of the street was Sunny, our latest lamby arrival.  All curled up into a tiny ball the wee soul lay, tired and confused, after her world had been turned upside down.  Whilst we do not know what twist of fate brought Sunny to be all alone in the big wide world, we do know it was the goodness of the human heart that saved her life.  Feeling a pull on her conscience and indeed her heart, a Good Samaritan tugged at the steering wheel of her car, inching it to the side of the road when she spied the tiny waif of a creature.  And as we take another baby bottle down from the kitchen shelf, our tally now hits six for the number of orphan lambs to arrive thus far- and lambing season has only just begun.

An estimated 15 million lambs die each year in Australia alone. Sadly for them theirs is a lonely death, unseen, and unloved.  But when one does take the time to ‘see’ a tiny lamb like Sunny, one cannot be unmoved and you can never ‘unsee’ them again.