Rescue Date

15th January 2013


If You Knew Susie…

Meet dear little Susie, one very lucky little lamb indeed.  Found roadside, Susie was initially thought to be a pile of old rags. But as this bundle of ‘rags’ began to move, so too did the heart of a motorist travelling through the area. In a matter of moments this kind hearted individual became Susie’s saviour. Whisking the tiny bundle of life up, a scan of the area saw neither another sheep nor a farm house within ‘cooee’.  While we will never know what stroke of bad luck saw Susie in such a dire straight, we do know that it was the goodness of a human heart, aided by a sign post, which guided Susie and her Good Samaritan to Edgar’s Mission.  And not a moment too soon- for the young lamb, who we believe to be about four days old, was already showing signs of dehydration.

Susie has quickly settled into her new home, trotting about the office, spreading her love between her two new mums, Pam and Paula.  And while they will never replace Susie’s less fortunate mum, they do provide a comfy maternal lap complete with a bottle of warm liquid love.  Susie cries when she is lonely, leaps with joy when she is happy and curiously explores her surroundings – if not for her ovine form her attributes could well describe a human child. And while many may discount the suffering of a tiny lamb, it does nothing to diminish their worth, only ours.

And if you knew Susie, like I know Susie… Oh, oh, oh, what a girl! (and what a life changing experience).