Suzie Quatro

Rescue Date

26th December 2012


Can the Can

While nobody quite knows exactly where it was that our Suzie Quatro once called home, one could well be forgiven for thinking it was Devil Gate Drive itself. Anonymously dropped off at a local veterinary clinic, this sweet and stunning Plymouth Rock hen was suffering some of the most horrific injuries we have ever seen in a chicken. An attack by a much larger predator, most likely a fox or cat, had left dear Suzie with a gaping wound in her thigh muscle which saw what can only be described as her ‘drumstick’ protruding through the skin, exposing a vast amount of flesh to the outside air. Such an injury poses enormous threat to the life of a chicken and the chances of recovery are often slim at best. With the vet advising that Suzie’s injury had occurred some days before arrival at their clinic, it was a miracle that she had survived this far. However, with her health rapidly declining, there was no other option than for Suzie to undergo lifesaving surgery. After having recovered from her anaesthesia, Suzie’s road to recovery would still be an uphill battle. The risk of infection occurring in her substantial wound was great and it would need to be kept clean and dry, but not too dry, dressed daily, she would need to be monitored to ensure she stayed sufficiently nourished and hydrated, her stitches would need to be kept intact and, most importantly, she would need to be shown the kindness she so deserved. It was decided that Edgar’s Mission was just the kind of home sweet Suzie required and so the call was made.

Extra special care and attention has seen Suzie’s wound heal beautifully and she shown us that she can indeed Can the Can. And what exactly does that mean? According to songwriters Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman, it means something that is pretty impossible, you can’t get one can inside another if they are the same size. Suzie has now joined up with the Edgar’s Mission happy chicken gang and loves to jump up onto her little tree stump ‘stage’ and sing songs of her happy chicken squawks to her admirers. And with her miraculous recovery and steely resolve, combined with her uniquely punk hairdo, this is one little rock chick who has already skyrocketed to Number One on our charts.