Tal Ronnen

Rescue Date

27th July 2013


No one is going to cook this goose!

Meet Tal Ronnen. Now you may think that is a mouthful of a name for a goose but Tal Ronnen, (Tally for short), is so named after the world famous chef Tal Ronnen. The human Tal Ronnen is also better known as the ‘The Conscious Cook’, for this connoisseur of cuisine believes that the only place for animals is in our heart and not in the kitchen. Something we firmly believe our Tally would honk in delight to. But sadly of late Tally, the magnificent white Enbdem goose had little to honk about having lost his home after being dumped along with his buddy (by thoughtless humans) on a public wetland in an outer Melbourne suburb. Local residents were quickly drawn to the plight of the hapless duo, with fears rising due to the disappearance of Tally’s friend and a suspicious pile of white feathers pointing the finger or rather wing at local foxes.

Frantic calls were sent out as Tally took up residence at the local bus shelter. Whilst he may well have been trying to hitch a ride to Edgar’s Mission we feel it was more his reflection in the glass pane that saw the forlorn chap gravitate here. With keen eyesight and an incredible sense of loyalty, (geese take lifetime partners) Tally was a ‘little goose lost’. But in a true testament to the kindness of strangers a posse gathered to provide Tally with that one way ticket to Edgar’s Mission.

While geese are particularly robust animals and readily adapt to different climates it is more than tragic that they along with other waterfowl are oft times abandoned in circumstances similar to Tally. Wth the unsuspecting human never realizing the death sentence they have imposed. Unable to fly and unsatisfactory food sources provided, geese and ducks are at the mercy of predators and even humans with intentions unkind. That this goose will never lay a golden egg is of no concern to us, and so now Tally is safe. Although we will never be able to replace his beloved friend we will do our best to ensure he always has a life worth living. Most importantly of all we can guarantee no one is ever going to cook this goose!

We give special thanks to Dave, Karina, Liz, Belinda, Chel, Mick, Brett (we apologise to the others whose names we didn’t catch) who assisted in the rescue of Tally.