Rescue Date

3rd June 2015


Meet Talka, the talking goat!

From the moment we met Talka, he had seemingly had something to say on just about everything: whether it was about politics, the weather, his thoughts on climate change or the football. Whenever we asked him something, he was more than happy to reply. But if his talking had us smiling it was his cheeky antics that had us in stitches, for he is equally good at contortion as he is goaty oration. At first we thought Talka was suffering from some weird neurological condition, but no, that is just Talka craning his neck right back so his chin almost rests on his back. This is just one of his favourite pastimes, along with eating Weet-Bix and, you guessed it—talking!

A Boer goat is Talka—read ‘goat intended for human consumption’. The breed sprang out of South Africa in the early 20th century, with the name being derived from the Afrikaans word ‘boer’, meaning farmer. Medium-sized goats, they are typified by their white bodies and dark cherry-red necks and heads with a white blaze on their Roman-nosed face. Boer goats are noted for their docile natures and friendly personalities and, of course, they do love to ‘talk’. But just ask Talka what he thinks of people eating goat—well, that is something we just couldn’t repeat!