Rescue Date

11th March 2014


Take a Chance on Me…

Wildlife rescuers routinely and tirelessly devote their efforts to helping creatures in need, oft times at ungodly hours of the night. And minutes before midnight on Tuesday March 11 was no exception. However, this time it was not a native animal whose aid they came to but a hapless dear lamb, who appeared to be suffering from a broken limb as the result of a road accident.

Whilst bed beckoned, so too did our phone as we took the call seeking assistance. The creature’s vital signs were checked and relayed as we considered the available options. All reports were promising, indicating that the creature could indeed overcome the horrendous injury he had sustained, so long as he was given a chance. And it was up to us to provide that chance.

Arriving home with the wee chap in the early hours of the morning, we were pleased to witness his eager appreciation of the cool drink provided, along with the sweet smelling hay, which he enthusiastically tucked into. All in all, he appeared in relatively good spirits, considering his predicament. Pain relief was provided and he was scheduled to have x-rays taken at daybreak.

Upon witnessing the x-ray, which clearly showed the extent of the poor boy’s injuries, we all gasped in shock. His scapula had been broken clean in two, with incredible force. The vet confirmed our suspicions that the young sheep had most likely been hit at speed by a vehicle, an accident he was fortunate to survive. Just how anybody could continue on their journey, knowing they had just inflicted severe injuries upon a living, feeling, sentient creature, we could not, and cannot understand. However, what we do understand is that all animals deserve our kindness and compassion and we thank the wildlife carers who made it their mission to assist this dear creature in need.

It is going to take ongoing treatment, a whole lot of TLC, and time for this lucky boy to recover but here at Edgar’s Mission, that is exactly what he will be given. And each and every day as he greets us enthusiastically when we enter his special hospital stall, he reminds us that sometimes all really it takes to turn a life around is one single chance.

And what does one call the luckiest sheep they have ever met? Why Tattslotto of course!