The Snow Goose

Rescue Date

4th April 2014


Many will recall the tale of ‘The Snow Goose’, a hauntingly poignant portrayal of friendship, healing and love in the most unlikely of places. Our magnificent new friend, while not technically a snow goose is a goose nonetheless and in an almost parallel life to that of Philip Rhayader, he has lived a solitary existence in the backyard of a vacant house, which had not only become his refuge, but also his world. Whether he too had been forced into a solitary existence because of his disability we do not know, but what we do know is that geese, like humans, are inherently social creatures and a solo goose is a lonely goose indeed. Struck by the tragic beauty of the elegant white creature with one blind eye, a kindly neighbour took to feeding Snow Goose and set about finding a happy outcome for him.  But sadly, call after call brought forth no help until the neighbour heard the words ‘Edgar’s Mission’ and alerted us to the dear boy’s plight.  Unlike his fictional namesake, migratory flights and our Snow Goose will never be one (body composition and fat deposits see domestic geese unable to fly like their wild cousins), however what we can promise is a life where he will never be unloved or abandoned again. And, in what seems like a case of life imitating art, another unlikely friendship has blossomed here at the sanctuary, with our Snow Goose having found a friend in Big Chief Crazy Horse, a school hatching project progeny who once found himself with no place to call home, merely for being born male.

Over and over, it is through our response to animals in peril like The Snow Goose that we have the opportunity to soar to the greatest of heights by extending our kindness and mercy to those in need.