The Three P’s

Rescue Date

4th March 2014


Like Three ‘P’s in a Pod

A question we often hear from visitors here at Edgar’s Mission as we walk among our poultry pals, saying hello and greeting them all by name is, “But how do you tell them all apart?!” And indeed this is a question that has some merit, for, rather like peas in a pod, some of our feathered friends do look quite similar and that each and chicken has his or her own individual personality is a fact that is not widely known. Take our latest arrivals for example, The Three P’s, Penelope, Petunia and Patricia, all Isa Brown hens who were in need of a forever home. Sporting a bald neck and with feathers that are slowly regrowing is Penelope, the gentle, yet brave and unassuming leader of the trio, who modestly takes her place at the top of the pecking order as she contentedly goes about the everyday business of being a chicken. Beneath a unique and almost crown-like bright red comb is Patricia, aka The Chatterbox, who enjoys talking all day and every day, no matter who is (or isn’t) around to listen. And then there is dear, sweet Petunia, shy and demure yet inquisitive and enquiring. Not yet confident enough to take her eyes off of you for a moment, it is only after we have sat quietly for some time that she will eventually creep over and, with her unnaturally short beak, will gently accept treats that are proffered from our outstretched hand.

And so, they are our Penelope, Petunia and Patricia, The Three P’s, pretty, proud and perfect. And although they are may not quite be like peas in a pod, we love them all equally and will continue to do so for the remainder of their days.