Rescue Date

17th June 2015


Her name is Thursday

She was found on Tuesday, surrendered into our care on Wednesday and we have named her Thursday.  While our whimsical name for this dear little lamb may make no sense to you, the circumstances in which many of our orphan lambs are found fails to make sense to us.  Thursday was found by a kind heart when she wandered into their headlights on a ‘dark and stormy night’. With blood-splattered ears and a nasty puncture wound to her head, it could well have been something out of a horror movie.  But horror movie it was not, this sad reality for Thursday has us all stumped as to just how the flesh could have been so savagely ripped from her ears and a puncture wound delivered to her skull, for it is beyond comprehension that she could have fought off such a savage attacker on her own.

Still shivering in shock, the wee baby was wrapped in love and a warm blanket, administered pain relief and medication, fed a bottle of special formula and gently entrusted into the care of Teddy and a snug bed.  It is now over to kindness and history to see which side of life dear Thursday chooses.  It really doesn’t make sense that little lambs can be found in such dire situations, it just doesn’t make sense.