Rescue Date

31st August 2007


Hi my name is Timmy and I came to this wonderful place called Edgar’s Mission on the 31st of August 2007.  I was only about one week old, a few days earlier some kind folk had found me tired and weary by the side of the road.  I was so young I cannot remember what brought me to that sorry state, but perhaps I fell of the back of a truck.

I quickly made friends with several other little lambs at Edgar’s Mission, they told me that they too were orphans and that there was nothing to be frightened of here, as the people were so kind.  They told me I would be well fed and loved, I would have shelter when it is hot and if it got cold I would even get a little jacket to wear.  I loved nothing more than lying in front of the heater or following my human friends around.

My natural charm and friendly nature quickly came to the fore and I was asked if I would like to become an ambassador for sheep, that way I would be able to help the millions of other lambs and sheep that are not as lucky as me. Naturally enough I agreed and I am very proud of the many friends I have made at all the many markets and public events I attended.

A recent scientific study lead by Keith Kendrick and a team of scientists from the Babraham Institute in Cambridge, England revealed that sheep have the same specialized areas in the brain for facial recognition as do humans and they were capable for remembering the faces of up to 50 sheep for nearly two years. Sheep, like humans have been shown to prefer smiling human faces to stressed ones, with a preference for being around animals that are happy and contented. It would appear Charles Darwin got it right when he said the difference between us and animals (non-humans) was in degree not kind.

Timmy Sheep travels throughout Victoria on his mission of Kindness! Check out some of the places he has been and people he has met here.