Tinker Bell

Rescue Date

20th July 2013


It’s not a case of ‘put another log on the fire’ but rather ‘pull another bottle from the shelf’! That’s right; it didn’t take too long for another little lamb to find her way to Edgar’s Mission. Found saturated in rain and all alone, savethe three severely mauled bodies of her dead buddies, it would not have been too long before the Grim Reaper claimed another scalp. We now aim to saturate her with love and tender kindness. But for now the frail little soul who is terribly thin, dehydrated and listless is warming up slowly by the heater, with her new buddy Peter Pan by her side. Fluids have been administered and sleep has now consumed them both. Oh and the name of this wee one? We think you may have guessed it already – Tinker Bell!