Tom and Jerry

Rescue Date

21st May 2013


Catch Me If You Can

It was a game of cat and mouse, or rather, human and goat that played out recently in Melbourne’s outer suburbs. But there was no sinister plan behind this pursuit; rather it was one of kindness. Council rangers had been notified of two frightened and elusive young goats on the run in their area and hatched a plan that would see them find safety. Over a period of time, the rangers slowly gained the duo’s trust, leaving tasty treats nearby and offering words of reassurance; all while ensuring that the pair remained in no immediate danger. And when, after months of hard work on the rangers’ part, the two youngsters were finally reined in, the call was made to Edgar’s Mission.

The two goats, who we have named Tom and Jerry, have already lived through much turmoil and while their fear of humans is vast, we will do everything we can to show them that we are the good guys. We have recently learned their fears may well be justified after our vet confirmed the appearance of Jerry’s ears is not the result of a genetic deformity as we first thought but that they have been cut off at some stage in the past. Why someone would do such a thing to a young goat we do not know but we do know that Jerry will never encounter such horror again.

And while we could quite easily focus only on the negative, Tom and Jerry’s story also shows us an immeasurable amount of good. The rangers involved were under no obligation to go the efforts they did to gain Tom and Jerry’s trust and gently coerce them in. However, they did so anyway, acting with kindness and again showing us that this truly is one of mankind’s most powerful qualities. We thank the rangers for their efforts in allowing Tom and Jerry a life worth living and for showing us firsthand the true capacity of the human heart.