Triple J Goats

Rescue Date

19th May 2014


Meet the triple J goats!

Today we welcome our triple J goats -Julia, Jillian and Jacob; our all Australia little goatee family. If being lost and alone was not bad enough, the petite and pretty Julia, barely an adult herself, had somehow found her way into an outer Melbourne Pound. But on a brighter note she too had found her way into the heart of a kindly worker there. Only hours after the young doe surprised staff by giving birth to two little Mexican jumping beans of babies, Jillian and Jacob, the kindly staffer quickly sought a better life for the family of three.

Female goats are indeed loving mothers, they communicate with their babies by noises, both loud and soft, called bleats. Each mother ensuring her curious and cheeky young ones never stray too far away, with each mother and her kid or kids able to recognise the calls of the other soon after birth.

While Julia remains cautious of our advances, little Jillian and Jacob are not. Too innocent and young to know not all humans are kind, they are truly fortunate that now this is something they will never know. If only all animals could be so lucky…