Rescue Date

10th June 2015


What comes after Monday but before Wednesday? Tuesday of course, and what better name to call our most recent lamby arrival who, you guessed it arrived on a Tuesday. Bringing workers to a screaming halt was a tiny little lamb who had planted himself fair in the middle of the road on which they were travelling. Whilst the occupants of the vehicle could not be described as card carrying animal lovers, they were human beings who could not live with the thought of seeing an animal suffer. So bundling up the little waif, they pooled their ideas and passed the young lamb onto someone they knew who was most certainly a bells and whistles animal hugger.

Stories such as Tuesday’s give us great hope for they remind us of the goodness of the human heart and that we humans are programmed to care. The great tragedy for so many animals, and in a particular little lambs like Tuesday, is that their suffering, pain and anguish remains hidden from view. There are so many things we would love for people to know about sheep, like the fact they have best friends, they have certain places they love to be tickled and they are given to joyous bouts of just leaping in the air for the hell of it, for if people could see them as the individuals they are, not a commodity on their plate, we are sure the lot of sheep and lambs would so so much better.