Yin and Yang

Rescue Date

4th April 2014


Yin and Yang – A story of who we are

Yin, a tiny ‘frightened of everything’ little black goat clings to the side of his bigger buddy Yang, a white, not yet fully grown, handsome, albeit equally flighty fellow.  Both recently arrived at Edgar’s Mission via an outer Melbourne Animal Shelter.  Through what circumstance they hold such a fear of man we do not know, but we do know that their fear is ever present nonetheless.

Chinese culture tells us that yin and yang represent the opposite forces of nature and remind us that life is about ‘give and take’.  Yin characterises the feminine or negative and yang represents the masculine or positive.  If yin is stronger, yang will be weaker. Examples of yin and yang are; light and dark, hot and cold, and fire and water.

In the days since their arrival, we have worked dutifully to restore both Yin and Yang’s trust in mankind and while their personalities are in stark contrast to one another, with Yin prepared to cautiously and curiously approach whilst Yang says, “No way José! I ain’t goin’ anywhere near them,” they are just perfect together.  Never grazing too far apart, we are not too sure if it is Yin who supports Yang or vice versa, but one thing is for sure- we could never imagine them apart.

We humans too have our own yin and yang at play each day, possessed as we are with both a good and a dark side. And through our relationships with animals, we choose which one we shall foster.